About JR

I began seriously playing guitar when a friend sold me his very bulky, very old Yamaha 12-string guitar when I was fifteen. For three years afterwards, he and I worked together on everything from bluegrass to rock and roll to folk to bossa nova. I spent a summer playing in England and Scotland right out of high school. Two years later, I toured with a group all across the US, as well as across Eastern Eurpoe. I spent eleven years in Las Vegas, Nevada in radio, and during that time cofounded a non-profit organization for the benefit of songwriters, singers, and players who wanted to deepen and expand their skills and gain exposure to the public with their art.

I came to Denver in 1996, and that is when I began teaching guitar. My students have ranged in age from five to over fifty. Several of my students have gone on to become music directors and teachers in their own right.


Jeff Rockwell: Guitar lessons for beginning and advanced students in Denver, Colorado